Website enhancements is a service offered to businesses with existing websites. The enhancements can range from anything from a small update to a footer of a website to a major rework of en existing website. Websites can range from a small business website to a large enterprise website.

If you have a website that needs extra work to make it that little bit better then our website enhancements packages may just be the perfect thing for you.

Website Enhancement Packages

Packages start from ad-hoc 2 hour tweaks at AUD$120 + GST to full sized projects and can include:

  • Layout enhancements – great if you want to change the way that your website looks.
  • Content enhancements – adding of new content to your website such as text, images or video.
  • Functional enhancements – adding of new functions to your website such as a booking service, eCommerce or a new portfolio showcase.
  • Updating of existing plugins – great if your website has outdated plugins that no longer serve their purpose or need to be updated.
  • Adding of elements such as Google Analytics, SEO monitoring or speed enhancements.

Your Future Now

The Your Future Now website is a project that we love working on. Your Future Now is a personal development business that focuses on helping people achieve freedom in life and business. The site was originally designed by Spicy Broccoli in Manly. It required ongoing maintenance and integration with Infusionsoft other online tools. We regularly…

The Troublemakers

THE TROUBLEMAKERS brand is an in your face, entrepreneurial network that loves creating a DISRUPTION. The brief for this website is to create an edgy, high end website that young entrepreneurs and wannabe entrepreneurs will be magnetised to. THE TROUBLEMAKERS are regularly holding live events and disruptions around Australia and soon to be around the…