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How to get onto page 1 of Google

How to get on page 1 of Google

Have you ever wondered how other businesses get onto page 1 when you search for something on Google? This topic first got my interest in the late 1990’s, when search engines were in their infancy. Back then, it was easy to cheat the system and trick search engines into promoting your web pages. These days,

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I'm on page 1 of Google

You’re already on page 1 of Google

Most of you are already on page 1 of Google – but you probably don’t realise it!! WTF??? If I type this into a Google search “The Web Warriors Sydney” then I come up on page 1 of Google. Great? Well not really… Unless someone is specifically searching for my company. The most important question

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How much does a new website cost?

Are you researching costs for your new website?
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