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What to put on your home page

What content to put on your home page

I wrote my first ever website in 1995. Back then, it didn’t serve any purpose. Unless someone was interested in guitars or heavy metal music, then a visitor wouldn’t hang around very long. My second ever website was just as woeful, but looked a little nicer. Its purpose was to have people email me wanting my skills. Funnily

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10 tips to writing website content

10 tips for writing website content

Have you ever wanted to know how to write website content. These 10 tips for writing website content will share techniques that the experts use. Use words that your ideal client uses. Get to know your ideal client better than you know yourself. This includes understanding the exact wording and phrases they use to describe

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How much does a new website cost?

Are you researching costs for your new website?
Try our complementary calculator that helps you uncover how much your new website will cost…