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How to give us access to your website

So, we need to do some investigation or work on your website. For us to do this, we’ll need full access to the back-end of your site, and in certain cases, we’ll need access to your hosting.

Our recommended approach is to create a new user account. This means:

  • You will have complete visibility. Everything that we do will be associated with our user account in your log files.
  • You can switch off access whenever you need to. If something happens in your business where you need to “baton down the hatches” you can easily switch off our account. This will give you peace of mind that you know who has access to your site.

To give us access to your site

  1. Log in to your WordPress back-end. You can do this by jumping to http://[your website]/wp-admin/, e.g.
  2. Create a new user:
    1. Jump to Users > Add New in the side menu.
    2. Username (required): set this to [email protected]
    3. Email (required): set this to [email protected]
    4. Click the [Show Password] button. Copy and paste this somewhere as you’ll be using it in a later step.
    5. Role: Set this to Administrator
    6. Click the [Add New User] button.
  3. Email us the password for the new user account.
    1. Send an email to [email protected] with ONLY the password for your site.

We’ll send you an email as soon as we’ve confirmed access to your site.

If you have trouble with any step, then please call our office on 02 8006 1506.

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