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Online Presence Package: Before you get started

So, you’re wanting to get our business online? That great!

Here’s a few things that you’ll need before you get started:

Your business branding

  • Your logo,
  • Your business colours, and
  • Business fonts – not essential but it helps!

Your offer / message

  • Why will people want to look around your website?
  • Put yourself in their shoes – what’s the biggest problem that your business can solve for them?

What’s your ideal outcome?

  • Do you need more leads?
  • Do you want sales?
  • Do you want people to turn up to a workshop / webinar?
  • Write down some numbers. This helps you have a measurement of whether the landing page is achieving its goal.

The site design

  • There’s a few different ways that your website can look. Take a look around at some websites that you like and add them to a list. This gives us a starting point to get the design of your website right.
  • Does your target market live on their mobile phone or their desktop / laptop computer? This will help you understand the type of design that the landing page should follow.

How people will find the website?

  • Where does your target market live? Social media (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.), their emails or do they not really use this stuff – i.e. will you do a traditional letter box flyer?
  • Are you going to need a hand with this? i.e. do you need us to design and manage an advertising campaign for you?

What’s your budget to drive people to the website?

  • If it’s nothing, then you might want to use a technique like getting your network to share a message on social media or sending a message via email.
  • If it’s low, then consider something entry level like Facebook advertising. Something like $10-$15 per day can give your advert exposure to a couple of thousand people per day.

 What’s your timeline?

  • When do you need the site to be up and running?

Time to get started?

Once you’ve got this information, then please send it to us so we can get started on your website or have a face to face meeting with you.