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Getting started with small business landing pages

So, you want to attract buckets of leads for your small business? Great!

Landing pages can be the perfect solution to help you bring leads that you love working with.

To create a landing page, you will need to know a few things.

Step 1: Get clear on what you want the landing page to do

This should be the first step before you do anything new or different in your business. Having a clear understanding of the outcome helps you measure its success and helps you focus.

Here are common business reasons for creating a landing page:

  • More “filtered” leads. This means you will have people knocking on your door who you love doing business with.
  • More sales! Your filtering process can leave you with ONLY people who are ready to purchase – not tyre kickers who are there to suck your blood.
  • Get bums on seats for a workshop or webinar. Landing pages are the perfect way to promote a face to face or virtual workshop. Simply list the dates they’re on, have a list of reasons why they should come along and allow them to register. Automated landing page systems will send people a confirmation and reminder via email or SMS.
  • Write down some numbers. This helps you have a measurement of whether the landing page is achieving its goal.
  • Testing your marketing. Landing pages can be a great, safe way to try out something new in your business. Simply switch on a Facebook ad, lead a couple of hundred people to your landing page and see how they react.

Step 2: Define what your audience wants

This is the core on what your offering is. A great guide to this is a quote from Neil Patell – “people don’t want eBooks, they want

Step 3: Choose a design for the page

Before you start creating a new landing page, or getting someone like us to do it for you, you will need to know what your colours and fonts fit in with your brand. You will need:

  • Your logo,
  • Your business colours, and
  • Business fonts – not essential but it helps!
  • There’s a few different ways that a landing page can look. Choose one that you think your target market would love.
  • Does your target market live on their mobile phone or their desktop / laptop computer? This will help you understand the type of design that the landing page should follow.

Check out some previous landing pages that we’ve created. This might give you some inspiration:

  1. Video landing page leading to a free video training series
  2. Free book to download
  3. Free consulting call with a business expert
  4. Free ticket to a face to face workshop
  5. Register your place at a free information evening

Step 4: Define the content for the page

This is really important. As a rough guide, you want to increase detail as the person scrolls down the page. This caters for:

  • People who are time efficient – they want to be able to know “what will I get when I give my details to this person?”. They want this information really really quickly – dot points and headings will help them skim to the parts that are relevant to them.
  • People who need all the details – they will want to know all the facts and figures. Do some research and add some interesting details from a past client, or from a study that was done, e.g. “A business we worked with was about to shut their doors. We set up a single landing page in 8 hours. Within 2 weeks they had to hire two extra staff to handle the amount of new leads coming into the business. Their turnover increased by 190%!” The details should be further down the page.
  • People who need to be convinced a few times before they say yes. Add as many types of “convincers” to your page, e.g. testimonials, certifications, your background, past studies and reasons for them to enter their details.

An example of page content can be viewed at our Online Presence package website.

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Step 5: Send people to the page

  • Where does your target market live? Social media (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.), their emails or do they not really use this stuff – i.e. will you do a traditional letter box flyer?
  • Are you going to need a hand with this? i.e. do you need us to design and manage an advertising campaign for you?

What’s your budget to drive people to the landing page?

  • If it’s nothing, then you might want to use a technique like getting your network to share a message on social media or sending a message via email.
  • If it’s low, then consider something entry level like Facebook advertising. Something like $10-$15 per day can give your advert exposure to a couple of thousand people per day.

 What’s your timeline?

  • When do you need the landing page to be up and running?

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