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15 ways to generate new leads for your coaching business

15 ways to quickly generate leads for your coaching business

Are you running a coaching business but struggling to get a continuous stream of new leads? In this post, you’ll discover 15 ways to generate new leads for your coaching business.

We recommend trialing each and every form of lead generation to see which one works best for your business. You’ll find that some will work really well for a similar business to yours but terribly for your business and vice versa.

1. Face to face networking

This is the core of lead generation – traditional face to face meet and greet. One of the great things about this form of lead generation is that people get to meet you and learn about your business – i.e. resistance is a lot lower than cold calling where you need to build rapport when you’ve never met someone.

To get started with face to face networking, use a tool like Meetup. This online system lists face to face networking events in your local area. You can pick events where you’re likely to meet your target market, show up and chat to people.

If you’re completely new to this and in Sydney, we’d recommend Free Speed Networking Sydney.

TIP: Always have an outcome in mind of what you want to achieve – e.g. “3 x meetings booked from my phone of people who want to hear more about my services.”

2. Start a Facebook group

Having a Facebook group with highly focused members can help you quickly generate leads for your business.

To do this, create a new “closed” Facebook group. Give it a name that your ideal client would resonate with – e.g. “North Shore Dads in Sydney”. Interact with your group regularly – adding as much value as possible – e.g. “How to balance your business and being a new dad”. Ask them questions, run competitions giving away free gifts from businesses you’ve partnered with and have a sales pitch every now and then. The main purpose of the group will be to offer value. When you post your sales offer – most of them will have been so happy with your free stuff that they’ll most likely take up the sales offer.

TIP: Purchase the “How to build a six figure community” training from Mark Bowness.

3. Write an “optimised” blog post

Blogs help your website get found for free on the internet, especially a blog post that people get huge amounts of value from.

Unfortunately, most businesses miss out on an opportunity when they write a blog post. Website visitors simply read the blog post, all the way to the bottom and then click the “back” button to go back to where they were.

There’s a perfect opportunity for your blog posts to generate some leads for your business. A simple way to do this is to include and opt-in section in the middle of the post. This opt-in section offers something for free, e.g. an eBook download, that’s relevant to the blog content.

A great example of this is Hubspot’s blog posts. They always offer a free case study, or tool that’s related to the blog content. Check out an example on their website – “How to Reclaim an Unproductive Day in 6 Steps“.

Read our article, 10 tips for writing website content, to get started with writing blog content.

TIP: Share your blog post on Social Media channels, e.g. a Facebook group, to get quick exposure

4. Build a landing page

Landing pages are a great way to generate new leads for your business whilst you sleep.

To make this work effectively, you’ll need to follow a simple process:

  1. Put together something incredible that your target market needs – e.g. ‘The triathlete’s guide to swimming faster and longer with way less effort’.
  2. Setup a simple landing page. Mailchimp offers a free service to get you started. Checkout our video which explains how to create your first landing page using Mailchimp.
  3. Follow up your leads straight away as they come through and convert them into paying customers!

5. Ask your network

I’ve been involved in courses that teach people how to become a certified life coach. One of the great ways this course is run, is that all participants need to get certified with 5 practice clients. When they hear about this, the successful ‘future coaches’ immediately jump onto social media with an incredible offer which goes something like this:

We’re on a mission to help stay at home mums wake up every morning feeling excited because they’re living a life of passion. As a result, were offering five free coaching packages to help transform someone’s life.
Please help a mum and share amongst your network.

6. Help people on social media

People share everything on social media these days – particularly in focused groups.

Join a group where your target market hangs out and answer their questions. Don’t pitch your business – just answer their questions.

This exercise will help you understand your clients better and eventually set you up as an expert. Before long, people will start tagging you when someone has a question, because you’ve been so helpful so far.

Only when people ask more about your services, take the opportunity to have a DM conversation with them.

7. Use your best clients

Always include a system in your business where you ask for testimonials and referrals. Where appropriate, plant a seed – ‘when I help you overcome xyz you’d tell your friends wouldn’t you?’

You can always have a conversation with your raving fans like – “We’d love to help more people just like yourself. Who in your network would benefit right now from the same types of results that you’ve just had?”

8. Get an article in your local newspaper


9. Hold a workshop


10. Traditional pamphlet drop


11. Use community notice boards


12. Show up at Trade Shows


13. Form a JV relationship


14. Run a contest


15. Give away incredible resources


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