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Let’s get your website to optimal health

Picture this scenario… Your website is running at optimal health and you’re starting to move up in the Google rankings. You wake up every morning with new sales leads using a strategy you’d never realised existed. Cyber-thieves have given up and gone to someone else’s website and your backups are sorted.

You finally feel excited that your website is working for your business and is in good hands.

This is what’s possible when an expert checks out your website with a fresh set of eyes.

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Take the opportunity to discover

  • Are there opportunities to convert visitors to leads that you’re missing out on?
  • Does your site look great on mobile / tablet?
  • Can you get more speed out of your site?
  • Are there “quick wins” that can take advantage of?
  • Is traffic going to your competitors instead of you?
  • How secure is your website?
  • Are your backups up to date and could you bring them back if your hosting service disappeared?

Get your free health check

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Who will be checking your site?

John is our resident website strategy and tech expert. He’s been building websites since 1996 and has an absolute wealth of experience in the private and public sectors.

He regularly presents at live entrepreneur events, sharing strategies and tips to help small business get the most from their online presence.

John’s passion is helping small business grow so they can help more people.

Do you want to grow too?