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I'm on page 1 of Google

You’re already on page 1 of Google

Most of you are already on page 1 of Google – but you probably don’t realise it!! WTF???

If I type this into a Google search “The Web Warriors Sydney” then I come up on page 1 of Google. Great? Well not really… Unless someone is specifically searching for my company.

The most important question that you need to ask yourself, when wanting to get onto page 1 of Google is “for what search phrase?”

I would much prefer to be on page 1 of Google for the phrase “small business landing pages on a budget” than for “the web warriors sydney”

Step 1: What do your customers type into Google

Finding out what phrase your customers would type into Google to find your products or services is the golden egg. Why? You can tweak your website so Google will show it when type in that phrase.

Trying to guess what people would type in can lead to months or even years of uncertainty.

TIP: When you’re next speaking to a client, ask them “what would you type into Google to get with this problem?”

When you get a trend of common phrases that people would type into Google, then you can tweak your website with the MOST common phrase.

Step 2: Tweak your website

There’s a few things that you can do to your website based once you know what people would type into Google. Say the phrase is “group pt training in north sydney”. Create a single “optimised” web page that has:

  • The title of “group pt training in north sydney”
  • Make sure the link to the page contains the words group pt training north sydney, e.g.
  • Name the images on the page AND make sure they have alternate text containing “group pt training in north sydney”
    • group-pt-training-north-sydney-banner.jpg,
    • group-pt-training-north-sydney01.jpg
    • group-pt-training-north-sydney02.jpg
  • Make sure the page snippet (the paragraph that shows up in a Google search) contains “group pt training in north sydney”

The above page is the most likely page that people will see and jump to when someone types in “group pt training in north sydney”. Make that page amazing, e.g. have an irresistible offer on the page so they take action to show up to the training.

The rest of your website should also have that phrase sprinkled throughout it.

  • The home page should have that phrase on it
  • The contact us page should have it
  • Put it in the footer
  • Have a blog article with it

Step 3: Monitor the results

Make sure you’ve got something like “Google Analytics” installed on your website. This FREE software from Google helps you get feedback on your website.

You’ll want to be looking out for data like “which page are people jump to first” and “what did they type into Google to get to the page”.

Ideally you’ll want to confirm that the changes you made are working.

Final Tip

Say SEO company tells you that they’ll get you onto page 1 of Google. Ask them “for what search phrase?” This is REALLY REALLY important. If they can’t tell you right away then they probably haven’t done any research into your company.

If they try and tell you they’ll get you onto page 1 for a phrase that’s not relevant to your target audience – then there’s NO POINT in paying for their services.

Hope that helps 🙂

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