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Small Business Website Hosting

What is website hosting?

Your website needs to sit on a physical computer, somewhere in the world and have software running to run the website. The computer and the software is know as website hosting.

What does hosting include?

$97 per year inc. GST

  • All website hosting is located in Sydney, Australia. Google takes note of where your website is hosted. A locally hosted website can help with your website ranking.
  • SSD server software which ensures your website runs fast!

Monthly Maintenance

If you’re running a business website then you’ll want peace of mind to ensure that it’s running well, it’s backed up and it’s safe. With our monthly website packages, we’ll test any updates to your site before they go live to ensure they don’t break your site.

Level 1 –  $77 per month inc. GST

  • We’ll keep your website plugins up to date ensuring they’re secure and have the latest features.
  • We’ll update WordPress whenever required. WordPress regularly releases updates however we generally er on the side of caution.
  • You’ll have daily off-site backups – perfect if anything ever goes wrong – you’ll have full access to restore the site in record time.
  • Your site will be kept as secure as possible to deter intruders and hackers.

Level 2 – $220 per month inc. GST with monthly reports that make sense

This level includes all the features of level 1 plus you get to understand how your website is tracking in relation to your marketing goal:

  • Website health reporting
  • SEO goal tracking
  • Recommended monthly actions

This level of monthly maintenance is perfect for larger small business who want to be able to make decisions about their marketing. Each report includes a plain English explanation of the technical data on your website. This means you can easily present the report to senior management and can easily make quick marketing decisions to achieve the right results for your business.

Need robust hosting?

Find out about our Amazon Web Services (AWS) web hosting. This is an ultra powerful, ultra scalable platform that’s build for high performance websites.