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Frequently Asked Questions

What website platforms do we use?

All our websites are built on the WordPress platform, including WooCommerce for online shops.

We have referral partners who focus on other platforms like Wix, Prestashop, Shopify (great platform!!), Weebly, Joomla or Drupal. We’re happy to refer them over if that’s your preferred website platform.

Is WordPress secure these days?

WordPress used to have a reputation of being easily hack-able. Back then, we’d regularly have at least 1-2 referrals per month for some poor business owner who’d lost their website to the evil WordPress hacking demons. These days it’s a completely different. WordPress did a lot of work on their platform to iron out all the hack-able parts and we’ve noticed a significant difference in people’s sites going down.

We still take precautions though. All our sites have a security monitoring system built and and sit behind Cloudflare – a recommended wall that protects your site from most hackers.

What’s a typical price for a website?

Our basic pricing kicks in at $3,300 inc. GST or around $400 per month if paid over 12 months. For this you’ll get a great looking website that meets the minimum requirements for your business.

A Business Professional website starts from $5,500. After you’ve added a few components like content writing (it massively helps the website sell itself!) a typical website sits at about $7,700 up to $10,k.

Why does a website cost so much?

Two things:

  • What sort of result do you want for your business?
  • Do you want a professional company to manage the project?

How long does a website typically take to build?

A well thought out business website that produces great results will typically take 3 to 4 months to move from conception to live website that’s getting you more business. Check out the process flow below to get an idea of what happens during that 3 to 4 months.

What’s a typical website process?

  1. We kick off with a quick 15 minute phone call with us.
  2. A face to face meeting is run to nut out the specifics of what you need and formulate a strategy to achieve it.
  3. We’ll send you a full proposal.
  4. You sign a formal agreement and finalise the first invoice.
  5. We run a formal project kick off meeting where we go through the specifics of everything in the project including a final confirmation of what’s included, setting up each other’s expectations, meeting the team and finalising the project timeline.
  6. The project kicks off:
    1. Every week we’ll send you a status update so you know how the website’s tracking against the agreed timeline and tasks.
    2. We’ll meet regularly to get the design and content sorted.
    3. We’ll build the website based on the approved designs and start adding content.
  7. We’ll fully test the website.
  8. The site is handed over to you for testing.
  9. You sign off that the site’s ready to go live.
  10. There’s a 30 day warranty period to iron out any bugs.
  11. We’ll follow up with you at regular intervals to check on how the site’s going.

How will we know how our website project is going?

We’ll send you a weekly status report which lets you know how your website is tracking against the original agreed timeline, budget and tasks. We’ll also red flag any show stoppers as soon as we’re aware of them.

Who will host my website?

You have three choices for the hosting of your website:

  • Continue with your own hosting. This keeps you in control of your website hosting, especially if you’re happy with your hosting company. Please keep in mind that your new website may require more powerful hosting – we’ll advise you on this.
  • Move to new hosting. If you’ll be needing new hosting then we recommend WP Engine or Ventra IP.
  • Host with us. We’re happy to look after your hosting needs. Pricing is available on our hosting page.

When will we upload the website?

We’l upload your website upon final receipt of payment. From there it’s live for the whole world to see!

Will you have full access to your website after it’s live?

Absolutely! As soon as we’ve received full payment of the site we’ll hand the keys over the website is yours. You’ll have full administrator access!

What happens if you need something updated on the site?

We’re available at $90 per hour + GST OR you we can give you access to our basic training (plus there’s 2 months worth of backups if you bugger something up).

Will your site be “SEO’d”?

Your site will be shipped with entry level SEO. SEO is an art and needs constant attention to be effective so why not take advantage of our SEO Packages?

How much does a new website cost?

Are you researching costs for your new website?
Try our complementary calculator that helps you uncover how much your new website will cost…