The Online Presence Package



Why get a website?

These days it’s a fact that the majority of the population will check out your website before doing business with you. Most people will look for:

  • Credibility Does your website reflect the person they just met / spoke to, is it modern, does it work on mobile etc.
  • Have other people used your services? Are they easily able to verify your services – i.e. do you have testimonials?
  • Can they get information quickly? Personality types that are detailed will want as much information as possible. Your website can give them all the facts without having to repeat them over and over and over…

Save Time

A website can potentially save you a whole lot of time. How? The most common questions that people ask can be right there on your website. This means you don’t have to repeat yourself a thousand times a day on the phone.

Additionally, add a calendar booking system and people can book in time with you based on your availability. No longer do you need to write a hundred emails back and forth to find when you’re both available.

Get Leads (that are ready to buy)

When your website is set up properly it will naturally attract people who want your services. Also, it will take them step by step through your sales process. When they finally pick up the phone to give you a call, or book an appointment, they’re already convinced that they need to buy.

Who’s the Online Presence Package for?

This package is perfect for:

  • Startup businesses who just need a basic website,
  • Coaches such as health coaches, life coaches and relationship coaches who are beginning their business.
  • Sole traders on a budget,
  • Tradies who want to hand out a business card and have people do their own research,
  • Small business who don’t want anything fancy.

What’s in it?

This package includes:

  • The four most common web pages. These include
    • Your home page,
    • A products/services page,
    • An “about” page, and
    • A “contact” page for people to get in contact with you.
  • A blog section. This is perfect to write content to share with your audience. Blogs are how websites get found on Google. Don’t like writing blogs? Easy. We’ve got “do it for you” services.
  • A “templated” design – i.e. a generic design for your website that gets the job done.

How do you get started?

Step 1: Get in contact with us to tell us what you need.

Step 2: Get all your content ready (text and images for the site – if you hate this stuff we can do it for you)

Step 3: What your website get built

Step 4: Start telling people about your new website

Step 5: Put extra staff on to handle the extra workload (optional lol)[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]