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Do you have a website design that you need converted into a fully functioning WordPress website?

I’m John, your Sydney-based WordPress developer. I love converting beautiful web designs into WordPress websites that your customers will be proud of.

I’ve been building websites since 1995 so I know all the tricks of the trade. I know how to build a website properly, including:

  • Making a website look great on desktop, mobile and tablet devices
  • Building websites that run fast
  • Offering advice on SEO so the website gets promoted on Google for free
  • Locking down websites so they’re secure
  • Offering piece of mind with automated off-site backups
John Hill, Chief Warrior and WordPress Developer

Third time lucky… People call me when their previous two developers have let them down. They all wish they’d called me first.

John Hill

Why choose a local website developer?

Yes, using an overseas developer is tempting. They’re way cheaper initially but normally end up costing a fortune in money, time and your business reputation.

Here’s a shortlist of why a local website developer will end up costing you less:

  • You’re covered legally in case something goes wrong
  • You can pick up the phone and have a conversation with your developer
  • You’ll be working in the same time zone
  • They’ll be easier to communicate with
  • They understand your local market place and can offer advice
  • You can speak with their previous clients to confirm they do the job right

How to choose the right web developer

We’ve heard all the horror stories about WordPress web developers, so here’s some questions to ask that will help you choose the best:

  • Do they have a legal contract that you both agree to and sign?
  • Do they have a meeting with you before they start developing and ask a lot of questions?
  • Do they give you a timeline that they’ll stick to?
  • What type of project management documentation do they provide?
  • How often do they agree to communicate with you?
  • Are you able to view the website as it’s being developed?
  • Is there a trail of happy customers who are happy to refer them?

Recent examples of WordPress websites I’ve built

Benchmark Media & Ent.

Living My Way


Milestone Construction

Mayuri Silks

Kinu Coaching

Naughty and Nice

Dr Tsirbas

What types of websites do I develop?

I love a challenge, but here’s a list of my favourite types of WordPress websites to develop:

  • Basic WordPress websites with multiple pages and a blog
  • WordPress websites that require multiple re-usable page templates
  • WordPress websites that integrate with multiple systems such as Mailchimp or your CRM
  • Landing pages that generate leads for a business
  • Data driven websites – enter data in a single location and it automatically displays throughout the website
  • Online eCommerce shops -WooCommerce website development

How much does a typical website cost to develop?

A basic five page website starts from AUD$2,200 *. This includes:

  • Converting your web design into re-usable WordPress templates
  • Setting up the best WordPress plugins so the website is secure, fast and reliable
  • Optimising the website for desktop, mobile and tablet devices
  • Weekly status updates so you know how the website is progressing
  • Making the website live after it’s been tested by us and you

* Are you a freelance designer or a design agency? Ask about our exclusive agency rates

How long does a WordPress website take to develop?

If you’ve got everything ready to go, I can build a basic five page website in 1 week. This usually happens when the design is fully locked down, all content (website text) is locked down and all images are locked down. 

We both know that this is a rare occurrence. In the real world, a website usually takes between 2-4 weeks to build.

Want to know if I can develop your WordPress website?

Book in a quick 15 minute phone call to:

  • Discuss your website,
  • How long it will take, and
  • How much it will cost to build it.

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