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I'm on page 1 of Google

You’re already on page 1 of Google

Most of you are already on page 1 of Google – but you probably don’t realise it!! WTF??? If I type this into a Google search “The Web Warriors Sydney” then I come up on page 1 of Google. Great? Well not really… Unless someone is specifically searching for my company. The most important question

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Postman SMTP WordPress

Setting up the Gmail API for Postman SMTP Mailer for WordPress

Update: The Postman SMTP Plugin has been replaced by the newer Post SMTP Mailer/Email Log. Check out our article on how to setup your site with this newer, more secure email plugin for WordPress. So you have a WordPress website and the site isn’t sending emails. One of the best plugins to help you do

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MissingKeyMapError Google Maps Error

Google Maps API error: MissingKeyMapError

Are you running a small business website and your Contact page now has an error: Google Maps API error: MissingKeyMapError This is easily solvable but you need to know a couple of technical details to get it up and running again. Here’s how to do it: Login to a Google service such as Gmail. If

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Get started with small business landing pages 02
Lead Generation

Getting started with small business landing pages

So, you want to attract buckets of leads for your small business? Great! Landing pages can be the perfect solution to help you bring leads that you love working with. To create a landing page, you will need to know a few things. Step 1: Get clear on what you want the landing page to do This

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What to put on your home page

What content to put on your home page

I wrote my first ever website in 1995. Back then, it didn’t serve any purpose. Unless someone was interested in guitars or heavy metal music, then a visitor wouldn’t hang around very long. My second ever website was just as woeful, but looked a little nicer. Its purpose was to have people email me wanting my skills. Funnily

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Small Business Website Performance - The Web Warriors

Google Analytics for beginners

A mentor taught me in the early days of my business that “the numbers never lie”. What he meant was successful small business owners regularly read accurate reports to find out exactly what’s going on in their business. With these reports, they’re equipped with the knowledge to make decisions fast. Decisions such as “should we

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How much does a new website cost?

Are you researching costs for your new website?
Try our complementary calculator that helps you uncover how much your new website will cost…