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The top 5 untold reasons why every business needs a professional website

If you’ve been running professional services business for a few years, then a website was probably something that you paid a fortune for because someone told you that you had to have one. It’s probably been sitting there in the corner, gathering dust. Or even worse, you might even be thinking of switching it off, after all don’t all those spam calls and emails start from your website?

In this article, we get back to the core of why having a website is important, and what happens when your website starts gathering dust.

1. They help you build trust with potential clients

A good website will contain the right words, the right images and case studies that confirm that you’re great at what you do. It will also contain testimonials of customers who are raving about your services.

A great website will promote you 24/7. No employee will do that…

All these help you win trust with potential clients, 24/7.

2. Other business can refer their clients to you

This is our favourite reason for having a website…

These days the marketplace has changed significantly. Think about what you do when someone recommends a service to you. Do you immediately pick up your phone and Google that service to check out their website?

A couple of years ago, a business colleague sent me the details of their SEO person. They absolutely raved about them. I was pretty excited, as they were a perfect fit for some of my clients.

I jumped straight onto their website but I gasped in horror. Their website was old and almost unviewable on a phone. Unfortunately their website was damaging their brand.

I jumped straight on the phone to my colleague and told them I can’t refer any business to this SEO person until they fixed their website. It wasn’t worth the risk my own brand’s reputation.

On the other hand, I’ve got businesses that I refer my clients to all the time because they’re great at what they do AND they have a brilliant website. My customers rave about them because the initial impact was top notch.

3. You can easily bring in new sales leads that you love working with

Do you ever struggle with people calling your phone who are ‘tyre kickers’?

Having a well built website, with the right content and right sales flow will do wonders for the types of sales leads that you, or your sales team are dealing with.

A well build website will do most of the selling for you – so all you need to do is pick up the phone and book a meeting or close the sale.

Once you’ve got your lead generation formula setup like a well oiled machine, you can start pumping money into a marketing spend, to drive as many leads as you want to your website. This is a perfect strategy when your business is going slow or your sales leads are drying up.

4. Having answers to common questions online saves you time on the phone

How many times have you answered to phone to answer the same questions over and over and over?

Your website can be setup to answer the majority of people’s questions – saving you precious time to provide real customer services.

5. You can automatically approach sales leads when they’re ready to purchase

When someone comes to your website, they’re in one of three of the following categories:

  1. They don’t know what they don’t know – e.g. someone with constant migraines may not know that there’s alternatives to neurofen to help them long term.
  2. They know that a solution exists, they’re shopping around for the best person to provide that solution. They’ll take action in the near future. OR
  3. They’re ready to purchase now. They’re desperate for a solution and will probably go with the first business that can help them. Ideally you want to position yourself here.

If your website sells to fast and too early, you’ll lose the majority of people on category 1, and a fair few of people in category 2. You’ll most probably convert people in category 3 if your website is setup well.

The great thing about people in category 1 and 2, is you can offer them something really useful right now in exchange for their details, then keep those leads warm. Ideally, when they move to category 3, you’re front of mind, you’ve set yourself up as an expert who’s really helped them and they chose to run with you.

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