What pages should be on my website

What pages should be on my website?

Have you ever asked yourself “what pages and content should be on my website?” This short guide will help you create a website using the same pages that the experts do.

Home Page

This is the main page that most people see first when they visit your website. This page should contain:

  • An overview of what your business is about.
  • An overview of why you do what you do.
  • A summary of products or services that you offer. Each of these should link through to more detailed information about each product and service.
  • A visual profile of your favourite work or case studies.
  • Testimonials from your ideal clients.
  • Content that will entice them to look through your site.
  • Optionally have an offer that has a visitor enter their details to take advantage of.

The majority of the time the content on your home page can be pulled from the following pages.

About Us

This page should contain:

  • The vision of your business – what’s the big picture?
  • The mission statement – why you do what you do.
  • Your company’s history or your personal story.
  • Who you love working with.
  • Your team members. Make sure you’ve got professional headshots with a professionally written blurb. If you need a professional headshot we recommend George Fetting from the Headshot Factory.
  • Testimonials.

Products / Services

This page should contain a list of your key products and services. The products and services can be presented as a single page, or a summary “teaser” page that links to more detailed pages for each product or service. We recommend having a separate page for every product and service as this helps with SEO and helps to keep people focused when you’re sharing pages on social media or in an email.

We also recommend having a pricing table on the products and services page to help filter people who do want to work with you, and to filter out people who you don’t want to work with.


This page contains a paginated list of articles that you have written for your target audience. The paginated list allows a person to then jump to an individual article. Blogs are the key content that Google will use to judge if you are providing value to your target market.

Contact Us

This page should contain:

  • Your address/s. If you work from home, we recommend getting a virtual address.
  • A map to your office/s as a Google map.
  • Main contact numbers. These should be scrambled so you don’t get spam calls. If you only have a mobile, consider getting a Skype number so it looks like you have a landline and to stop people calling your mobile. Alternatively, look into getting an answering service added to your landline – especially if phone calls interrupt your day, e.g. you’re a tradie or a coach.
  • Email addresses. These should be scrambled so you don’t get spammed.
  • A form for people to send you a message or request information. The text on this page should be written in the tonality that you’d normally speak in an entice people to want to fill out the form.
  • The ability for people to book an appointment with you. This ability should be connected to your business calendar so people can book time with you when you’re available.

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